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MS Matters: Relationships, sex and MS

6th October 2020 | 13:30–14:30 CEST

This webinar has now concluded.

We are pleased to invite you to the third 2020 MS Matters webinar, titled: Relationships, sex and MS. This interactive discussion, moderated by Dr Doriana Landi with co-presenter Prof. Enrico Finazzi-Agrò, will examine data on how MS affects the lives of patients with MS and important practical considerations. For example, how to approach the potentially challenging conversation about sexual dysfunction with your patients. Typical MS onset occurs in early adulthood, around the time when many are developing intimate relationships, marriage or are starting a family. Therefore, discussion about the potential physical and emotional effects of MS on sex and relationships is an important one.1,2 Sexual dysfunction varies widely among patients with MS, and drastically between women and men. This has led to a variety of approaches to assess and manage the varying needs of this group of patients.3,4 The two experts will examine the affect that commonly prescribed drugs in MS can have on sexual dysfunction, as well as discuss the role that disease-modifying therapies can have in this aspect of the lives of patients with MS. You will have the opportunity to engage with the expert faculty and ask questions throughout the webinar.






Welcome and introduction

Doriana Landi


How does MS affect sex and relationships?
Doriana Landi


Audience Q&A


Sexual dysfunction: The female and male perspectives
Enrico Finazzi-Agrò
Audience Q&A


Supporting patients with MS through sex and relationship challenges Doriana Landi & Enrico
Enrico Finazzi-Agrò and Doriana Landi


Audience Q&A


Summary and close
Doriana Landi

Webinar faculty

Doriana Landi
Clinical Neurologist, Tor Vergata University, Rome

Enrico Finazzi-Agrò 
Associate Professor of Urology, Tor Vergata University, Rome

1. Herbert LB, et al. Neurodegener Dis Manag. 2019;9:173–87; 2. Sharifi M, et al. Health Soc Care Community 2020;28(3):1030–7; 3. Marck CH, et al. BMC Neurol. 2016;16(1):210;
4. Li V, et al. Pract Neurol. 2020;20(2):122–31.

This webinar is organised and funded by Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe B.V., Piet Heinkade 107, 1019 GM

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of preparation: August 2020 | NPS-TPE-NP-00067